June 12, 2014

To Our Valued Customers,

Recently the CBC published a news story with claims from a Costco member that her dog died as a result of eating VitaLife Duck Tenders. As a dog owner, let me express my sincerest personal condolences on the death of her pet.

We have reviewed her veterinarian's report. We had it examined by an external expert veterinarian who found the following facts which were NOT reported in the CBC coverage:

• The dog received a spay operation less than 3 weeks prior to being treated for kidney failure.
• The dog weighed less than 4 lbs. which is below the weight recommended on our packaging for giving    duck tenders to pets.
• The dog had a history of eating problems with main meals being switched repeatedly to find something    she would eat. The dog was fed homemade food as a result.
• The dog was fed treats other than VitaLife Duck Tenders that were not purchased at Costco.
• The pathologist in this matter is quoted saying "we are unlikely to be able to confirm the cause of death".
• The pathologist references the fact that the use of anti-inflammatory medication could have caused
   kidney failure.

The CBC was in receipt of this information prior to its news coverage, but unfortunately chose not to share these facts with the public. Neither have we been provided with any scientific evidence for the conclusions reached by the CBC in its story.

Our VitaLife brand encompasses many types of all-natural dog treats – from our Duck Tenders produced in China, to our Chicken Tenders produced in our company-owned facility in Thailand to our new Chicken Fingers and Nuggets produced right here in Canada.

No matter where they are produced, each VitaLife treat undergoes a comprehensive battery of laboratory testing to ensure they are 100% safe for our customers' companions. In fact, we have a recent independent report of a sample of the tender eaten by the dog in this case that tested for over 6,000 possible adulterants and found none.

We are proud to give our customers the VitaLife Promise on all of our treats: 100% all-natural products containing no wheat, corn, soy, added glycerin or added salt.